Old School, New Shop…

Little Desert Animals is the fine arts workshop of Patty and Guy Sparger, who together have been traveling the land and making art for twenty years. We are both lifelong tinkerers, collectors and makers of things. We’ve done many creative things “professionally” over the years from fine arts to 3D video game graphics, metalwork to marketing and tons more.

We specialize in being creative and technical plus delivering outstanding customer service. We’ve sold thousands of pieces of art and merchandise all expertly packaged and promptly delivered with five star satisfaction. Our shipping is fast and quality is fully guaranteed.

Our careers have taken us across the country from Baltimore to Chicago and the California coast but we love the desert like crazy coyotes! In 2004 we settled into a little house in the southern Arizona desert which we’ve converted into a workshop and design studio. For years we called our shop Hungry Knife and we were “South Central Arizona’s MOST Dangerous Arts & Crafts Collective”. Consequently our work evolved during those years as we focused on specialization and continually adding better equipment to our shop; ultimately procuring a CNC robot.

The future is now, it’s 2015 and we have a robot. So we agreed it was time to break up the old gang and form a new band, if you get our meaning. So welcome to Little Desert Animals! It’s not just our new brand, it’s the finest work we’ve done.

PS: We love making everything you see here and we sincerely hope you enjoy our show!

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