Indómito - Shamanic Fetish - Cactus Devil 5


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Indómito is number five in the Cactus Devil series.
He is an exquisitely crafted, handmade objet d'art for serious collectors.
He is a collaboration by two artists, Guy and Patty Sparger who hammered, cut and shaped him steadily for months.
He contains no commercial parts; everything about him was made by the artists.

The skeleton figure is hand carved from the rare wood of a giant saguaro cactus.
Hungry Knife only collects saguaro wood in select, limited amounts from deadfall which is hundreds of years old and very rare.
He is jointed and pivots at the neck, shoulders and hips.
Handmade copper and silver joint pins sink deeply into the skeleton forming strong linkages and reinforced limbs.

He hangs from a (included) heavily carved, highly detailed display plaque cut from a blocked slab of primitive pinewood with a basswood facade and hammered copper arch plate.
The top of the plaque features a brutalist style carving of an abstract creature.
The base of the slab is carved in raised relief with enigmatic glyphs of arcane origin.
The HK brand and title are carved into the back which also bears hand written artist signatures and edition number.

The 20 inch (50.8 cm) chain is hand forged and soldered from chunky sterling silver and has a hidden clasp built into the linkage.
All other metal components are sterling silver except for small accents of weathered copper in his cap and joints.

Indómito is built to last forever. If considerately cared for he will not break.

Indómito came from the heart of a giant who existed in a faraway wilderness for ages; beware the potentiality of his mojo!

Because Indómito knows two heads are better than one, he always carries a spare on the end of his crude shank.

Rare Item Alert! This is a one-of-a-kind carving made from the 'heart burl' of a giant saguaro cactus. This wood is very rare and our supply is always limited.

Because cactus wood is a natural material harvested in the wild, subtle imperfections and character marks are to be expected. Beautiful flaws assert handmade quality!


- Series number five.

- One of a kind original.

- Meticulous, hand painted finish.

- Magical powers! Indómito provides guaranteed protection from the following supernatural afflictions: transfiguration spells, demonic incantations, voodoo mind control, all forms of necromancy, wraiths, ghouls, phantoms, unsettled specters and spirits, succubus possession, phantasms and vampiric illusions.

- Fluctuating high intensity Mana Boost!


- Indómito skeleton is 8.25 inches (21 cm) from toe tip to silver head cap.

- Indómito's sterling headdress is 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) tall.

- The chain is 20 inches (50.8 cm) long.

- The plaque is 8.25 x 16 x 2 inches (21 x 40.5 x 5 cm).

Total weight is 3 lbs (1.36 kg)

Totally customized packaging by experienced art handlers ensures safe delivery.
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Comments About Saguaro Wood:

Saguaro cactus wood (‘ribs’) is a very rare material.
The Sonoran Desert where these giant cacti grow is a fragile and protected ecosystem that depends on balanced plant / animal relationships to thrive.
Animals depend on dead saguaro as nests. Fallen dead material feeds insects and nourishes soil, enabling new growth. Nothing in the desert is wasted.
The Bureau Of Land Management (BLM) allows an individual to take an armload of fallen ribs from certain wilderness regions per year. We’re concerned that even this limited amount of plundering is harmful so we only take a stick or two from any location.
Before we disturb any site we thoroughly and carefully inspect the deadfall for nests. We never take from the same spot twice.
All of the cactus wood and stones used in our small carvings are gathered from the wild desert by us. We only gather in very small, always legal quantities from BLM approved areas.
We always tread lightly and leave no trace :)


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